Author Susan Pope Hiking in Alaska

Author Susan Pope hiking in Alaska.

Susan Pope’s writing has been shaped by growing up in the wide and wild landscape of Alaska. Her stories reveal the tension between a desire for intimate ties to home and community and longing to flee to faraway places.

With humor, humility, and courage she explores topics as diverse as mountain climbing, motherhood, the secrets of a lost diary, a crumbling family legacy, the disappointments of grandparenthood, and a fear of drowning. Her settings range from her backyard bike trails to the Kalahari desert.

Susan Pope’s work has appeared in Pilgrimage, Damselfly Press, The Southeast Review Online, Crosscurrents North: Alaskans on the Environment, Cirque: A Literary Journal of the Pacific Rim, Persimmon Tree,  Bluestem, Under the Gum Tree, Under the Sun, The Delmarva Review, Hippocampus, and others.

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