Susan Pope writes about nature, travel, and family. These themes are intricately woven in her memoir Rivers and Ice: A Woman’s Journey Toward Family and Forgiveness. Her writing reflects deep connections to the people and lands of the North as well as a restless pursuit of faraway places. By sharing her stories she hopes to inspire others to notice, appreciate, and care for the landscape, creatures, and people around them.


Susan Pope’s memoir Rivers and Ice, follows five generations of one Alaskan family evolving with the rapidly changing landscape of the North. A rafting disaster, a failed canoe journey, a dash to reach a summit while deserting her daughter in bear country.

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Niaulani Rainforest Reserve, Volcano Village, Hawaii. Scrape your shoes against the stiff metal brushes at the trailhead. Knock off any traces of invasive seeds, or...

Blog: Night Music

Net jacket, mosquito repellent, headlamp. I’m ready. Ten of us follow Juan, our native Amazonian guide, over the stone path, past the tool shed, through...

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I try to settle into winter, but it won’t settle. Forty inches of snow last week, another nine inches two days ago. Yesterday turned cold,...

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The boat scraped the rocks and halted with a thud. Wedescended the ladder and jumped to shore. I’d been looking forward to this hike for...

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Fifteen of us, of various ages and levels of bird knowledge, face into an icy wind on Glacier Spit across the bay from Homer, Alaska....

Blog: Return of the Light

Give me the light—five more minutes a day. Spring in Alaska. It’s a seduction game. Frozen nights, thawing days, another snowfall, and the cycle starts...


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